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Reading books is good. but most of the times, once you complete reading a book it might be just sitting silently in your collection. Why not exchange or pass it on to someone who will be interested in reading it? This portal enables you to do so.

You got a book, you enjoyed reading it and feeling like exchanging it for a better book? share it here with your location. You looking for a book, check out if someone has shared it.

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This instance has been constantly witnessed a lot of times, where people asks "Where can I find a football ground here?" or "Where do people play cricket in this locality?", Answers were always limited to one individual's knowldge. But now, you can explore knowledge consolidated by many!

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You are a cool local guy, good sportsperson and might be aware of every lane in your area. Why not help other's to know more about it by just adding a playground with it's details like what kind of games can be played there. That would be helpful for someone who is new to the place

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Every ground would be added by an authenticated user and it will be verified by our team to maintain the quality of data. This avoids users from running into a lot of spam entries.

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